Friday, January 14, 2011

Ode to Lane

I'm feeling sentimental tonight, and I would like to do a brief ode to of my precious friends who has been with me since the first day of high school. She lives in Texas now, which is much too far away, but she is still a huge part of my life, and is one of my number one supporters.
She's the reason I started a blog, why I have started entering recipes in contests, and now, why I'm entering photographs in Pioneer Woman's Food Photography Assignment contest
Regarding the latter, here are her exact words (which I will admit are what inspired this post):
"I'm going to channel my inner Chinese mother and tell you that if you don't start entering photos, I'll not let you play with any of your toys, eat, or even pee." 
(This is true, and based on this article.)
Lane is one of those people I am incredibly silly with (despite her not-so-veiled threats seen above), and I'm pretty sure no one has ever quite understood us. 
Speaking of silliness, here's a poem that she wrote at some point during high school that I thought I'd share.
I, Lane,  made a really dorky rhyme, just because I love you.  In fact, that's what the rhyme is all about.  Love.  And cows.  
I love you.
You're always true.
I love you,
Even when you moo
Like a perishing bovine.
You'll be my friend
Til the very end.
We're taking the college path - 
Boys, beer (or not), and math - 
But, dear friend, you'll always be mine.
I really hope you all have a Lane in your lives, that writes you poems and threatens you with Chinese mothering techniques, and most importantly, gives you encouragement and honest feedback when you need it most.

Me and my Lane, on her wedding day.

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  1. I love you. This made me cry, in the best way. You are wonderful!