Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Visit To My Cousin's House

You will quickly learn that I love all things interior design. I especially respect those that are minimalists, because as much as I love simplicity, I'm convinced it is something that I will never be able to achieve in my own decorating habits. I was recently in Charlotte, NC for a beautiful wedding (more details to come soon!), and I had the great blessing of being able to stay at my cousin Jess and her husband Dave's house. Their home was like heaven after a busy weekend, with all its clean lines and soft colors. Bravo Jess & Dave - your house should be in a magazine.

Their office. I think this is quite possibly the most relaxing place in the world to pay bills.

A giant map of the world, and a pin marking every place they've bin. I love this.


Bailey. A crazy, loveable monkey, and an essential part of the Felts family.

Well Howdy-Doo. :)

I thought it would be appropriate to make my first post something completely random, because let's face it, this blog will be a collection of random things. 

This is my latest find that makes my toes tingle. I found these two knobs in the bottom of a clearance bin in my favorite place in the world: Anthropologie. Originally $14, they were marked down to $3. Not quite sure where they're going yet, but they were just so PRETTY I couldn't pass them up! Feel free to bask in their glow with me.