Friday, December 31, 2010

Date Night! (not quite as adventurous as the movie...)

So, because Scott's dad is amazing, we were the recipients of a gift card to a rather expensive restaurant downtown. I'm pretty sure it is a chain, so if there is a Sullivan's in your area, I recommend you save your money and RUN there as soon as you can.

We strolled on down to Sullivan's , which is a couple blocks away from our house, and immediately had our socks blown off as we entered. Classy, refined, with a live pianist in the lounge. Not to mention a WALL of wine bottles (sorry, didn't get a picture of that).

Happy and handsome hubby.
Blurry, but a general idea of the restaurant. The lighting was a lot more
dim and intimate than the picture looks.
I don't look tired after a long day at work at all right?
Ahh..."The Knockout". My drink was Orange-Infused Vodka, pineapple juice, and fresh orange twists.
So simple...and so good!
THE MOST AMAZING appetizer in the history of the world. I have great plans to go back
if only just to get this appetizer again. It was called a Cheesesteak Egg Roll. There are truly no words, I just suggest you get this if you go to a Sullivans. Whew.
Recipe to make a hubby smile: 12oz filet mignon. Oh yeahhh. 
I got Filet Duxelles - mushroom stuffed filet with a mushroom ragout. Absolutely to die for.
 Definitely an amazing night and wonderfully delicious. Thanks Dad Collins!!!

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