Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And we're back!

I know, I know. I shouldn't have abandoned you all like that. But the good news is, I have 7 days worth of vacation pictures and stories from snowy, beautiful Vermont for you!

Since we were stuck in traffic in New Jersey for what felt like 12 years (along with every other citizen on the east coast...which is another rant entirely...) I haven't had much time to write, but I do have lots of pictures.

Here are some of sledding at my grandparents' house (pre-blizzard snow). Enjoy! :)

My brother (right) and our friend Sandy (left) racing down the driveway.
Me and my daddy racing (hopefully you can tell us apart!). Please note
that I am about to be run down by a crazy black lab. We love that animal though. ;)
My brother and his wifey. Also please note the black ears in the
bottom left corner. We've started referring to Addie (their dog) as
"The Blur" - she moved faster than the sleds and would try to jump on
you as you were moving downhill. She is a BIG fan of sledding. Crazy dog.
My 85 year old a sled. Have I mentioned I love him?
My brother Andy and....who is that with him??
Not only does she like to chase sleds, she likes to ride on them too!
Off they sail into the sunset.
Andy's war face. His arm is reaching out to "gently" nudge
away his competitor.
Again, my 85 year old grandfather, leading the troops. Hilarious. 
The sun setting on a gorgeous day of sledding. Vermont is beautiful this time of year, haven't you heard?
Don't worry. There are plenty more photos to come!

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