Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Testing testing...iMovie!

So, today I discovered iMovie on my computer. I've had this computer about four or five months now so I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but nonetheless, I found it!

For non-Mac users, iMovie is a program where you can do basic editing on your videos you take, putting together clips and adding music. I was stubborn and didn't watch the tutorial, and still managed to do pretty well I think! I've probably also grossly underestimated the projects you can take on with it, but...I'm ignorant. What can I say.

Here's my first attempt at a little mini-film - made up of scenes of time we spent with Scott's hilarious nephews last Saturday. 

Cameron is the blondie and also the youngest, and Jadon will be four in May. Jadon is probably going to be a filmmaker one day, because he MUST be behind the camera viewing the screen at all times. You'll see this as I'm trying to convince him to be in front of the camera. Oh well.


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  1. The toe wiggle is BY FAR the best part. Cute, cute, cute!